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This is my first English post on this red hot J.A.R.T.E.L.L.E. blog, probably not my last. So for all you Dutch people out there: don’t panic, this is just a phase. As a matter of fact, it’s a kind of sexual English phase I’m having with a sweet and gorgeous Scottish lass working as a journalist in the European Commission, here in Brussels, the place to be when you want to score with a variety of European chicks on a daily/monthly basis. And my god, they are all so elusive and tasty.

Is it just a phase? Well, we are on a strictly kissing level at the moment. I don’t like to rush things. Certainly not with a sweet wee lassie, who's a direct descendant from the MacLeod clan. I quickly noticed that 'cause she was frequently mumbling about her never-ending quest for 'the one' or that 'there can be only one'. I understood pretty fast what she was trying to communicate. I mean, I understand women. Certainly those who get all swoony about the Highlander movies. It got to me too. Really! And I am not a die hard Queen fan.

Anyway, I am training day and night with my sword, and maybe, on a cold winter evening, near a hot, burning, spitting fire, I can show her my new sword-trick; demonstrating that I am ‘the one’. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be having sex in a more casual way. Together with some 120 online visitors, in front of this red hot J.A.R.T.E.L.L.E. blog, shooting our precious fluids onto the screen. Call it a collective contribution for the good cause, which is, keeping everything in working order. You never know that you will have to prove yourself. That you will have to prove that you are ‘the one’.

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